$35.00 USD


Everybody Suffers Virtual Conference

What's Included:

  • E-book version of the popular book, "Something You Can Count On" ($20 value!!)
  • Access to videos of our popular conference

  • Download handouts and worksheets

  • Learn the history of the Seven Sorrows Rosary

  • Discover the Promises given by our Blessed Mother

What You'll Get:

  • A concrete, personalized plan to help you experience peace
  • Learn how to grow in patience! 
  • Discover how to live Christ's teaching, "Do not be anxious about tomorrow."
  • Bring joy into your life that isn't dependent upon the circumstances of life.
  • Discover how the message of  Our Lady of Kibeho is relevant for today! 

You'll be BLOWN AWAY when you learn:

  • The amazing promises found within this Devotion
  • How Mary's warning about the genocide in Rwanda applies to us today!
  • How powerful Mary's intercession is when facing challenges
  • How Mary can help you reach fallen-away family members!
  • How the Seven Sorrows of Mary can help anyone overcome addiction- even if you pray it for someone else!
Here are some testimonials we have received. 

The "Everyone Suffers" Conference provides a roadmap from the pain we experience each day to the healing love God offers so beautifully in the Catholic Church. The Brown family's personal stories of job loss, health issues and other struggles are inspirational, and their practical suggestions for finding relief will transform your life! 
-Tim Bete, President
St. Mary's Development Corp.
Dayton, Ohio

As the Director of Adult Faith Formation, I wanted to let you know that having author Carl Brown come in to share about the Seven Sorrows of Mary Devotion was a powerful experience for our parish. So many people were moved by his reflections, and they now have more tools to enrich their prayer life. His book “Something You Can Count On” connects a lot of “dots” in the spiritual life. We are already planning on having him come back!
-Don Conklin, Director of Faith Formation
St. Brendan the Navigator
Atlanta, Georgia

Your enthusiasm and prayerfulness are inspiring. I look forward to the continued blessings that flow from your zeal and openness to Our Mother's workings.
-Fr. Scott Murphy, Pastor
St. Edward
Louisville, Kentucky

Carl did a great job connecting the 7 Sorrows, Scripture, and prayer to tie it all together in a way that is helpful for the spiritual life and contemplation on the Christian meaning of suffering. The conference had a great impact on our parish.
-Joseph Schleicher, Director of Adult Faith
St. Susanna
Cincinnati, Ohio

Never have I been to a conference that changed my life so drastically!
-Kat B.
Huber Heights, Ohio

I attended one your seminars and keep the book with me on any overnight stays. I pray the 7 sorrows daily. I thank you and your family for your abundant faith!
Atlanta, GA

Carl, my bro— thank you for introducing me to the Seven Sorrows Rosary.
It’s literally changed my life.
And praying the SSR with fasting is so powerful bro.
Thank you brother ♥️🙏🏼
-Luke M.
Mason, Ohio

I did not know anything about the Seven Sorrows Rosary until you came and spoke after Mass. I have been praying it most every day since. And after today's conference, I don't want to miss even one day. I had learned about suffering and have offered up many things, but this conference just confirmed the value of suffering. Thank you so much!
-Kathy R.
Louisville, Kentucky

You inspired me! I’m going to start saying the Seven Sorrows Rosary every day from now on!
-Diego S.
South Bend, Indiana

I really enjoyed the conference. I felt so blessed that you came into our community to share such a powerful, urgent and life-changing message. I really enjoyed hearing your wife and sons’ story as well. I’m excited to read the book and make saying the 7 sorrows part of my daily life.

-Christina D.
Louisville, Kentucky

I have a 17 year old son who struggles with addiction and so I am praying for him and so many others who are suffering right now. I hope God continues to bless you and your family. Thank you!

Louisville, Kentucky

I read your book and even though I have been very devoted to Mary, I still learned quite a bit. Thank you for writing such a powerful book!

-Steve B.
(by email)

Your gift of unlocking the Seven Sorrows is a gem!
-Susan E.
St. Philip the Apostle
Morrow, Ohio

I left this conference with hope and actionable items I could incorporate immediately.  So grateful for this family and their willingness to devote their lives to spreading this message!  An excellent conference and the tools to take with you!
-Kristi G.
St. Philip the Apostle
Morrow, Ohio

This conference made a big difference in my life! Mary has the power to heal anyone suffering from an addiction.
-Brian H.
St. Michael
Sharonville, Ohio

It is amazing how easy it is to tell people about this Devotion- especially with the conditions in our world.
-Barb W.
St. Nicholas
Sunman, Indiana

How comforting it is to know that your entire family is sharing the message of Our Lady. The conference was very inspiring!
-Janet H.
St. Margaret
Loveland, Ohio

My wife and I have been praying the Seven Sorrows rosary almost every day since the conference!
-Ken T.
Chicago, Illinois

Your seminar was thorough to say the least. I thought the workbook was a big help. Everything fit together so nicely. It sure did show the way to a better prayer life. I needed that. Thank you so very much.
-Mary Anne G.
Blessed Sacrament
Ft. Mitchell, KY

From testimonials to practical insight and knowledge, the Holy Spirit was at work on an immense level at this conference! 
-Kristine S.
Old St. Mary's

An amazing message of hope and redemption! I learned how to unite my sorrows to Christ’s suffering through Mary’s embrace.
-John A.
St. Susanna
Mason, Ohio

This conference was a real blessing and I’ve already shared it with others!
-Marilyn M.
St. Francis de Sales
Lebanon, Ohio

I was very impressed by all three speakers. I have already recommended it to others!
-Claire P.
Blessed Sacrament
Ft. Mitchell, KY

I found the conference speakers to be very relatable.
-Tony L.
St. Susanna
Mason, Ohio

The conference was an answer to prayer for me! I recently asked Our Lady to show me what I needed to work on, and the conference was SPOT ON and showed me the virtue I needed the most.
-Tammy W.
St. Nicholas
Sunman, Indiana

I loved the conference! I have passed information about it to others I know. I hope we can have the conference at our parish!
-Marcia C.
St. Columban
Loveland, Ohio